Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Makeup Haul!

Hi guys!

So I am currently on holidays and when you are on holidays you tend to go a bit crazy don't you? Well thats what happened to me today in the makeup store. 

In my defence these are between my sister and I and we always share makeup, so its not so bad.. right? 

I will begin with the item I am most excited about and that is the 'Soleil Tan de Chanel', it is described as a bronzing makeup base and oh my Lord. It is beautiful. I haven't even tried it out yet as I only purchased it today but I will definitely be using it the next time I am doing my makeup. 

Here is the product in all it's beauty. The colour of it looks like it will be very natural once applied and because it's a mousse I assume it will be very easy to blend. I will report back with a review but I am very excited to try it out thanks to the plentiful reviews raving of its greatness. 

Next thing that I decided to pick up was a diorshow art pen eyeliner by Dior, simply because my current liquid pen liner from rimmel just wasn't cutting it and was pretty much all used up. Picking up this liner I have read no reviews or have ever heard anyone talking about it which I probably should of done before purchasing it but on first impressions I think it seems pretty damn good. 

I took a swatch of the tester on my hand and I was bought. It came out a very strong black and the line was very thin which I find useful especially if trying to perfect a cat flick. 

Next thing I got is actually a repurchase of the Clinique super balanced foundation. I absolutely adore this foundation and I'm not going to go into lengthy detail on it as I will most likely do a review of it in another blogpost but honestly it is my favourite full coverage foundation at the moment. 

Also whilst at the Clinique counter I decided to buy one of their cult products, the chubby stick. I actually felt like I was the only one that didn't have one of these for so long, it just never crossed my mind as I'm not as much into lip products, if you get me? Also I should mention I purchased shade 06 - linen for my foundation and I purchased shade 05 - chunky cherry in the chubby stick. Can we have a brief moment for what an amazing name the chubby stick has? 

(I can't get this picture rotated for some reason it won't co-operate, my apologies)

Next up, we have a cult favourite and something I won't go into too much detail on. The Touche Eclat by Yves Saint Laurent, I purchased the shade number 2. I have very high hopes for this as I'm hoping it will work well as an under-eye concealer to hide dark circles as my last concealer didn't really do any good if I'm honest. 

Last but not least we have a mascara. This was merely just an impulse buy. I was already done purchasing all my goodies when my mum turns around and says "Do you want a mascara? I'm getting one from Lancome, the lady said it's very good.. Do you want one too?" Of course, as a person to never turn down a great opportunity I think maybe I should get one..

So that led me to buy this. What I decided on was the Lancome Hypnose waterproof custom-wear volume mascara. Wow that was a mouthful. 
Usually I never get waterproof mascaras and I don't really have an explanation for it, it just never crosses my mind to buy one but after what happened last week when I watched the fault in our stars movie and had to walk to the bus depot straight after I realised I definitely needed one. So thats what spurred me on to try out a waterproof mascara. I really hope it isn't a pain to take off and will work just as well as a non-waterproof mascara, so I am also very excited to try this.

And thats me done.
*sighs in relief*

I hope you enjoyed reading this and maybe took something out of it.. Hopefully? Anyways please leave me a comment if you have tried out any of these or if you have read this or whatever you want really.

Thanks guys! 
Ness x 

Sunday, 20 July 2014

New Blog!

So this is exciting..

I literally have no clue what exactly I am doing on here or how to not make a complete ass of myself on the internet via my blog. But I am going to try giving this 'blogging' thing a go anyways and hope for the best.

This is basically me testing out the waters of how to do this and giving a brief 'introduction' shall we call it? To my blog. Basically I have wanted to do this for so long and I am finally going to try it out and I really hope this isn't an ultimate fail and I truly hope at least someone out there is reading my ramblings. So anyways heres hoping for the best!

Ness x