Monday, 23 March 2015

Hiatus (Guess who's back)

So it's been .. months? Seriously? That long? I didn't even realise how long it has been since I have logged into blogger.. Crazy. The months and weeks have all just blurred into one and I don't like it! Partially due to the fact that I have installed a countdown app on my phone (I know what you're thinking) and it's only 50 days to my first exam, that is NOT fair. My exams shouldn't be for another 12 months, it should be somewhere far far off into the distance.. So very far. I literally feel like I just did them and now I'm piled high with more? No fair, I say.

Anyway, no point complaining. I have no idea where I'm going with this, I just kind of wanted to 'check in', just to say - hi, I'm not dead and all that.

I intend to hopefully be more active on this because I actually really enjoy blogging.. It's very therapeutic - or something? Also! Just to say to people who have been reading my blog a huuuuuge thank you!! It was crazy coming back on and seeing loads of views etc - it made me really happy to say the least. It really was a spur on to keep going with this because as I said before - I love blogging, it's just really nice being able to type whatever you want onto a teeny tiny part of the internet.


Enough of the rambling - apologies, after reading back it is VERY rambly, oh well
See you soooon, and thanks if you have been reading or are only newly reading I guess? Thanks all round anyway - x

PS. Just noticed this is my first post in 2015 - Oh my God where have I been!

Monday, 8 December 2014

MCM #4

This is incredibly long overdue. The excitement is radiating off me as I type this (what a weirdo, eh?)

Lets talk about George Ezra

He is best known for his debut song ‘Budapest’, but he has also released the album ‘Wanted On Voyage’, in 2014 which is stupidly brilliant, can I add? I love it so damn much, his voice is like butter or something of that sort - it's so full of passion and just.. So.. Good? I love it. 

I honestly expected him to look a lot more different from just listening to his voice but I was so very wrong - prepare for many heart eyed emojis. 

How does he still look good even when he is unaware he is being photographed?! So unfair.

Just want to add in here my favourite songs on the album have to be : Coat of Armour, Cassy O', Da Vinci Riot Police and of course I love Blame it on me and Budapest

*Can be seen lurking around train tracks with guitar*

Also pointing out that Blind Man in Amsterdam and It's Just My Skin are great.

Well, I sincerely hope this made your Monday a tad bit brighter and hopefully it will introduce you to the incredible talent that is - George Ezra. 

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Healthy Lunch (Couscous Salad)

Okay so I wasn't really keen on posting this 'recipe' but it was my lovely sister who encouraged me to go for it after she asked me for the recipe (lol)

This couscous salad is incredibly easy - I have started to bring it for lunch most days this week and it's so versatile too, because you can change up what you add to it every time! (yay)

Making it was really just a method of trial and improvement - I apologise that the quantities aren't exact, it's mainly because I can't keep track of what I add as I usually just go by taste and also because my serving sizes usually change depending on what I'm adding so really I encourage you to just go by what you think tastes 'right'. 

What I added to the couscous:

-Squeeze of lemon
-Teeniest drop of apple cider vinegar - (trust me you don't want to over do it with this one)
-A little basil
-Salt and pepper
-Small drop of olive oil

You can really add anything you want to your salad but for me I just added 1) what was in the house and 2) what I like - so feel free to add on or take away stuff. 

- Spinach
- Red Onion
- Crumbled Feta
- 1/4 of an Orange Pepper
-1/4 of a Green Pepper
- Spring Onion
- 2 Cloves of Garlic (can you tell I love garlic?)
-Cashew nuts
-Pine nuts
-Sunflower seeds

I also like to add 1/2 of a cold chicken breast marinated in paprika and basil, to bulk it up but sadly I didn't have any chicken in the house today:( 

Also a shoutout to my Mum as the spring onions, spinach and peppers are all fresh from the garden..

Hope you enjoyed reading! Maybe it gave you some inspiration..? 
Comment below your thoughts, see you soooon x 

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Lush Haul

I ordered this over a month ago and after a couple of angry emails and a lot of sighs of frustration in anticipation it has finally arrived! YAY!



I'm not even going to try to go into the smells - I am ridiculously awful at describing smells (soz) but can we just generalise that they all smell terribly good? You can also see I mainly purchased Christmas-y items because who doesn't love getting festive? I sure as hell do.

Also! I got really excited because 'Magic Wand' smells exactly like snow fairy and it just reminds me so much of Christmas because my Mum would always buy me a little bottle as a stocking filler and yep I'm way too excited. (Pointless personal story, apologies.)

Clockwise from top left
Snow Angel - £3.95
Star Light, Star Bright - £3.50
Northern Lights - £3.50
Candy Mountain - £2.75
The Melting Snowman - £2.25
Magic Wand - £5.25
ButterBear - £1.95

I don't want to use this little guy, he is just too cute!


Hope you enjoyed having a nosey through what I bought in lush - maybe it inspired you to get some of these festive (amazing smelling) goodies!

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Music You Need to Listen to Right Now!

Lately I have discovered a couple of good tunes and bands that are pretty great in my opinion and I feel like I need to share them with the world so we can all bask in their greatness. Sound good? Okay, lets go.

First off I have fell in love with the band 'Bad Suns' (look how pretty they are)

Bad Suns are an alternative rock band from California, they only formed in 2012 and their album Language & Perspective was released this year. I think you should keep your eye out for this up and coming band - they are awesome.

Some of my favourite songs of theirs is 
(I've linked youtube videos of these because you have to listen)

I have so much love for this band, I just really hope they come to Ireland soon because I need to see them live. 

Another - not so well known - band I have been loving for a couple of months now is the band 'Family of the Year' which is also another indie rock band originating from California. I feel like this band has more of a 'folky' style compared to Bad Suns so they are not the same kind of indie rock - am I making any sense?!  

You probably know the band from their song 'Hero' which became very popular and is definitely one of my favourites, it's literally one of the most beautiful songs ever and if the time is right it will make me cry (pathetic, I know). Their album 'Loma Vista' is amazing and I would definitely give it a listen.

Here is a few of my personal favourites:

If you haven't listened to them yet - please do, they are brilliant and deserve so much more recognition in my opinion. Honestly you won't regret it.


Instead of going into more bands I would rather share a couple of songs that I have been really loving lately, as you can tell I have a pretty indie taste. (*cringe* I sound like one of those super cool 'hipster girls')

I have been loving two songs from the band 'Young Rising Sons' which are so uplifting and I have been listening to them everyday - seriously they are so good and just make you feel great: 

Another song that keeps me feeling upbeat is 'Shut up and Dance' by 'Walk the Moon'. If you are in a bad mood and need cheering up, listen to this now. I dare you to listen to it and not want to sing and dance along. Double dare you.

I'll also throw in a couple of random songs I've been loving recently just incase your music 
library needs a bit of a revamp:)
'Thunder Clatter' by 'Wild Cub'
'I Wanna Get Better' by 'Bleachers'
'When I Get Older' by 'Wild Party'

I know this post is a little different to my usual posts but I just really want to share some of my new music. Hopefully you enjoyed reading and you may listen to a couple of these songs and hopefully like them as much as I do!:) 

Also leave a comment below if you have listened to any of these/ liked them! 

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Dubai Haul♥︎ (makeup)

This is incredibly overdue and I have been back for over a week now but I've just been so busy with school recently and haven't found time to post as much as I would like to (sad face)

As you can guess from the title, I was on holidays! Yes, I finally got to visit my very lucky brother who lives in Dubai and I had the most brilliant time ever. I will give you a quick rundown on what we done whilst there - maybe you are heading on holidays there and this may interest you? 

So we landed in Dubai about 9am - and after a 8 hour flight I was tired to say the least. Alas I got myself together and went to 'Bounce' which is a cool trampoline centre thingy - it sounds so crap but trust me we (myself and my brothers girlfriend) had SO much fun. The instructors were lovely and taught us some cool tricks and there is also a section for dodgeball - which I loved (and also won). After bounce we went for lunch and then set off to 'iFLY' which I was scared out of my wits of doing. IFLY is basically a giant tube with air blowing up so you feel like you're skydiving/flying? I'm terrible at explaining it and I was also pretty terrible at doing it. After getting past the initial fear of it I had so much fun and again the instructors were so lovely - one lovely enough to get my leg and spin me around in a circle (whilst 'flying') lol. 

Day two we went to the waterpark in Atlantis - this was probably my favourite day, it was just so much fun and I loooove a good waterpark. Also I'm incredibly proud of myself for going on the famous 'leap of faith' which is basically a vertical slide. This was the first slide I went on. (so proud) The next day we attended a - pretty much - all day brunch. I have never ever seen so much food in my entire life, it was INSANE. I felt pretty disgusted if I'm honest - it was just so wasteful! I won't lie though, I did enjoy it and it was certainly enjoyable (there was a pina colada station and an indian food section, how could I not enjoy myself?!) The next three days were spent relaxing by the pool and doing a little too much shopping.. 

Which leads me into sharing my haul with you all!

(Can you tell the background is actually an old skirt.. Clever, eh?)

Lets begin! First off in the airport I picked up Mac Fix+  which I have been eyeing up for aaages, so it is about time I got it! Whilst on my way to the till I spotted Benefit Majorette blush and after reading a million reviews on it on bloglovin I thought I may as well pick it up - everyone deserves an extra cream blush:)

Up close and personal with benefit majorette ft. my pale arm and the end of my hair in the mirror

Whilst being in Sephora, I honestly felt so overwhelmed - it was crazy. Not just because I was so in awe of it all but because of how crazy busy it was and how I was approached about 10 times asking did I need help. No thank you, overly pushy sales person, I'm fine. Honestly, if I need help, I will come to you! Stop pushing me and following me around like a predator, it puts me off rather than makes me want to buy something! I noticed especially in Lush and Victoria's Secret how pushy the workers were and it got to the stage were I had to be rude to them - which I hated because working in a shop myself I know the feeling of rude costumers, but honestly I was so fricking annoyed and (hate to get too tmi here) thanks very much but I know my own bra size without you following me and pestering me. In lush she literally trailed after me - I left without even getting to look at half of the stuff there. Anyways rant over. Moving on.. 

Okay so in Sephora I was initially set on getting the original Smashbox primer however once seeing the same primer only a blemish control version, I instantly changed my mind. The salycilic acid in the primer helps to treat acne/blemishes while still reducing the appearence of them. I was also determined to get the Makeup Forever Hd foundation  so as soon as I seen the makeup forever counter I nearly screamed I was so excited. I got mine in the shade 117 and I even got one for my sister and one of my friends because it is so good. 

In Sephora I also got the own brand concealer brush  which is great for covering up blemishes because of the small and precise brush.. Head? (is that the word?!). 

I'm also a little confused about the next product I got because I am nearly 90% certain that it is the 'better than sex' mascara by too faced, however it's called 'better than love' and I have looked up everywhere to see if there is a different mascara called that but I can only find the better than sex one so I am very confused. Also I was set on buying the better than sex mascara but at the counter I could only find the other one - so after that rambling over mascaras, I have came to the conclusion they are the same. 

Last thing I picked up in Sephora is the limited edition 'Pulp Fiction' palette by Urban Decay. 
I absolutely love the shades it comes with - I especially love 'righteous' all over the lid and 'tyranny' blended into the crease. At £17.50 I think it's good value for Urban Decay. 

After my rotten experience in Lush. I managed to come out with the 250g tea tree water which is actually a repurchase as my smaller version ran out. I love this toner and the 100g lasted so long so it is definitely good value for money in my opinion. I also got the 'ultimate shine' shampoo bar because who doesn't want shiny hair?! And also because shampoo bars are super cool.

Probably my favourite purchase - the gorgeous 'star violet' eyeshadow by Mac. I love it, I love it, I love it. It is so beautiful and such an unusual colour, it looks beautiful with browns and pink toned colours. It is the ultimate autumnal shade in my opinion. 

So pretttttttty!

I also managed to pick up the Kiehls 'Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Masque'  I haven't used this yet, but it has been on my wishlist since August so I'm super duper excited to try it out!

And that's me! A bit of a text-heavy post but oh well! I hope you enjoyed reading, leave a comment below on your thoughts etc I love reading them:) 

Have a good day! Byeeeee:) 

Ps Always remember.. 

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

September Favourites♥︎

I understand that every blogger/youtuber/monthly enthusiast comments on how this month has flown past us and I am no different. This month has went soooo quick! It feels like no time since I was stressing over what bag I was going to bring to school. Now I'm a month in. Crazy.

Another month, another set of favourites.. Two of these are all time favourites however I have paticularly enjoyed them this month. 

Also this is a pretty late favourites post because I was on holidays - in which I was feeling a little spendy so I will be posting two new hauls - makeup and clothes later this week. Hurray!

First off lets begin with the social media superstar frank body coffee scrub (original- £11.95, Coconut & Grapeseed £13.95), this scrub claims to target stretch marks, cellulite and other skin conditions. I'm not going to go too in depth with this product as I think I will do a review on it once I finish my original scrub and then maybe when I'm like half way through the coconut one? Just so I can tell you my preference. So far I love this scrub, my skin feels smooth and toned(?) after using it and if you are like me and love the smell of coffee - it's the scrub for you! (Also it is free shipping, how great is that?!)

Two lip favourites this month include my trusty Burts Bees (£3.69) lip balm which is amazing and I have always loved it but I always seem to lose it so after getting a new one this month it was feeling a whole lotta love.

After my love affair with my Topshop lipstick in ditsy, I've been dying to try another Topshop product which led me to buying a lip bullet in the shade heartbeat (£8), it's a gorgeous peachy pink and is so wearable. Also I love how creamy the formula is making it so easy to apply. 

Only now am I realising the face masks packaging is dirty, I apologise for my grossness.  
I'm pretty sure I have mentioned the Ren 'Invisible Pores Detox Mask' (£18) before on this blog but I am only going to mention it again briefly. Whenever I'm having a bad skin day, I love using this mask as it really feels like it's doing good and always leaves my skin feeling soft and refreshed after using it. 

Fellow acne sufferers and people with skin issues, come and gather round - you will love this. Estee Lauder Double Wear (£29.50) was introduced to me around the start of this year and ever since then, I've been running back to it. I wouldn't wear it everyday as it's a very heavy, high coverage foundation. Without even using concealer, it can cover up all of my acne and it will last all day, literally - All. Day. I always wear esdw on nights out because (as gross as it sounds) dancing makes you sweat and other foundations melt away by the end of the night. One problem I have discovered recently is, I find that esdw causes flashback in photographs (I think?) because my face looks incredibly white compared to everyone else's but only when flash is used.. It's still worth it in my opinion.

Holy grail status - The Balm 'Bahama Mama' (£13.50) bronzer is my absolute favourite bronzer of all the bronzers I have tried.  (can you use the word bronzer anymore Nessa?!) This is literally the perfect contour shade. Not muddy or orange, it mimics a natural shadow under cheekbones and works as such a beautiful contour shade. If you are getting anything from this post definitely get the bronzer, it's amazing. 


What's that little contraption in the bottom left corner of the picture you ask? It's the Laura Mercier eyelash curler . I used to always skip curling my eyelashes, thinking it was pointless but this little guy has completely changed my mind. It's honestly so good - being the best eyelash curler I have used - and also because it's so small it takes up hardly any room in my makeup bag (leaving more room for other goodies)

My Mac fluidline in blacktrack (£15.50) has been quite the staple in my eye makeup this month, if it's not a cat eye, they will be lined to some extent - and I have been using this bad boy for just that.

How can I not mention my Too Faced 'Chocolate Bar' palette (£45)? I've been using this almost every time I've makeup on, mainly because it's gorgeous. The shades are pigmented, blendable and wearable - everything you want in a palette, eh? My favourites are 'salted caramel' (first on the second row), 'marzipan' (beside salted caramel) and 'cherry cordial' which I think will be fab for winter (fourth on the third row). Also, it smells of chocolate, case closed - it wins everything. 

I hope you enjoyed reading! Comment below on what your September favourites are, I would love to read them:) 

See you soon!x