Saturday, 29 November 2014

Healthy Lunch (Couscous Salad)

Okay so I wasn't really keen on posting this 'recipe' but it was my lovely sister who encouraged me to go for it after she asked me for the recipe (lol)

This couscous salad is incredibly easy - I have started to bring it for lunch most days this week and it's so versatile too, because you can change up what you add to it every time! (yay)

Making it was really just a method of trial and improvement - I apologise that the quantities aren't exact, it's mainly because I can't keep track of what I add as I usually just go by taste and also because my serving sizes usually change depending on what I'm adding so really I encourage you to just go by what you think tastes 'right'. 

What I added to the couscous:

-Squeeze of lemon
-Teeniest drop of apple cider vinegar - (trust me you don't want to over do it with this one)
-A little basil
-Salt and pepper
-Small drop of olive oil

You can really add anything you want to your salad but for me I just added 1) what was in the house and 2) what I like - so feel free to add on or take away stuff. 

- Spinach
- Red Onion
- Crumbled Feta
- 1/4 of an Orange Pepper
-1/4 of a Green Pepper
- Spring Onion
- 2 Cloves of Garlic (can you tell I love garlic?)
-Cashew nuts
-Pine nuts
-Sunflower seeds

I also like to add 1/2 of a cold chicken breast marinated in paprika and basil, to bulk it up but sadly I didn't have any chicken in the house today:( 

Also a shoutout to my Mum as the spring onions, spinach and peppers are all fresh from the garden..

Hope you enjoyed reading! Maybe it gave you some inspiration..? 
Comment below your thoughts, see you soooon x 

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