Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Music You Need to Listen to Right Now!

Lately I have discovered a couple of good tunes and bands that are pretty great in my opinion and I feel like I need to share them with the world so we can all bask in their greatness. Sound good? Okay, lets go.

First off I have fell in love with the band 'Bad Suns' (look how pretty they are)

Bad Suns are an alternative rock band from California, they only formed in 2012 and their album Language & Perspective was released this year. I think you should keep your eye out for this up and coming band - they are awesome.

Some of my favourite songs of theirs is 
(I've linked youtube videos of these because you have to listen)

I have so much love for this band, I just really hope they come to Ireland soon because I need to see them live. 

Another - not so well known - band I have been loving for a couple of months now is the band 'Family of the Year' which is also another indie rock band originating from California. I feel like this band has more of a 'folky' style compared to Bad Suns so they are not the same kind of indie rock - am I making any sense?!  

You probably know the band from their song 'Hero' which became very popular and is definitely one of my favourites, it's literally one of the most beautiful songs ever and if the time is right it will make me cry (pathetic, I know). Their album 'Loma Vista' is amazing and I would definitely give it a listen.

Here is a few of my personal favourites:

If you haven't listened to them yet - please do, they are brilliant and deserve so much more recognition in my opinion. Honestly you won't regret it.


Instead of going into more bands I would rather share a couple of songs that I have been really loving lately, as you can tell I have a pretty indie taste. (*cringe* I sound like one of those super cool 'hipster girls')

I have been loving two songs from the band 'Young Rising Sons' which are so uplifting and I have been listening to them everyday - seriously they are so good and just make you feel great: 

Another song that keeps me feeling upbeat is 'Shut up and Dance' by 'Walk the Moon'. If you are in a bad mood and need cheering up, listen to this now. I dare you to listen to it and not want to sing and dance along. Double dare you.

I'll also throw in a couple of random songs I've been loving recently just incase your music 
library needs a bit of a revamp:)
'Thunder Clatter' by 'Wild Cub'
'I Wanna Get Better' by 'Bleachers'
'When I Get Older' by 'Wild Party'

I know this post is a little different to my usual posts but I just really want to share some of my new music. Hopefully you enjoyed reading and you may listen to a couple of these songs and hopefully like them as much as I do!:) 

Also leave a comment below if you have listened to any of these/ liked them! 

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