Monday, 8 December 2014

MCM #4

This is incredibly long overdue. The excitement is radiating off me as I type this (what a weirdo, eh?)

Lets talk about George Ezra

He is best known for his debut song ‘Budapest’, but he has also released the album ‘Wanted On Voyage’, in 2014 which is stupidly brilliant, can I add? I love it so damn much, his voice is like butter or something of that sort - it's so full of passion and just.. So.. Good? I love it. 

I honestly expected him to look a lot more different from just listening to his voice but I was so very wrong - prepare for many heart eyed emojis. 

How does he still look good even when he is unaware he is being photographed?! So unfair.

Just want to add in here my favourite songs on the album have to be : Coat of Armour, Cassy O', Da Vinci Riot Police and of course I love Blame it on me and Budapest

*Can be seen lurking around train tracks with guitar*

Also pointing out that Blind Man in Amsterdam and It's Just My Skin are great.

Well, I sincerely hope this made your Monday a tad bit brighter and hopefully it will introduce you to the incredible talent that is - George Ezra.