Friday, 29 August 2014

Book Review: Lobsters

Lobsters by Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison.

If you are looking for a funny, frank, ya book to read - this is exactly what you are looking for. 

Lobsters is basically a story about a boy and a girl called Sam and Hannah, they are both virgins and are starting off summer looking to change that. Without giving away too much - their stories intertwine and I'm sure you know where it is going. 

I really enjoyed this book because you get both points of view and see the story from both Sam and Hannahs eyes. Not to mention I loved both Hannah and Sam, which is rare for me because usually characters annoy me in some sort of way - either the girl is too nosy and stupid or the boy can be too unrealistic the list goes on, on why some characters bug me. Not with this book though. 

Hannah is literally the most relatable character, ever - I honestly don't think I have related to a character so much in a book. She is just so average (in the nicest way possible), at the beginning of the book it mentions her watching sloth videos and how to perfect the cat flick, she has a good looking friend that always gets boys attention, she gets body envy over a h&m poster and is ultimately my favourite character. She is also very funny and gets herself into awkward situations without it being unrealistic and silly. 

Sam is also probably very relatable for a boy - but then again what do I know, I'm just a girl however if I was a boy I would probably be able to relate to Sam. Reading from his point of view it was interesting to see his take on each situation and some of the situations he gets in really are hilarious eg. when he is in Sark and that office drinks meeting.

I also loved how it was set in the UK as they used lots of slang words that teenagers actually use and made references to other teenage related things which made me feel like I was actually reading from a 17/18 year olds point of view, not a middle aged mans (not that I have anything against middle age men)

Can I also just mention how they used the concept of lobsters which I discovered through 'friends' on relationships and also if you are a harry potter fan like me, there is a couple of references that had me in fits. 
eg. “Look at Ron and Hermione. Obstacles everywhere. But did Hermione give up on Ron when he was dating Lavender Brown? Did Ron give up on Hermione when he was knocking about with that Bulgarian Quidditch bloke? Did they let the pressure of tracking down the final few Horcruxes tear them apart? No. All the drama they went through made it all the more poignant when they finally got together.” 

Not to mention I have learnt some great life lessons in this book.
1) Getting a bikini wax will leave you red and sore for a very long time.
2) Boys in waistcoats by choice are usually arseholes.
3) Pax means peace in latin.
4) Bring wellies and a coat to festivals to avoid bin bag dresses and sainsbury bags as shoes.
5) Lobsters don't actually mate for life. Bald eagles do. (friends lied)
6) Hot ribena is actually a thing.

Has anyone else read this book? If you haven't please pick it up asap because it really is amazing!

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Too Faced Boudoir Eyes Palette♥︎

Ahh.. The great feeling of owning a new eyeshadow palette - and quite a beautiful one at that. 

Recently I received my GCSE results and the whole week before, I had the worst feeling - it was a mixture of fear, nerves and maybe a little bit sick. One thing that always makes me feel better is buying new makeup. (it's a problem and this sounds so cliche) It was perfect timing too because it would arrive on Thursday -the dreaded day- so I seen it as either a treat or a pick me up, plus I was going out that night and the shades in this are perfect for some smokey eyes.

After hearing so many raving reviews and watching tutorials on the natural eyes palette by too faced, I felt like I needed it.  I had my heart set on it and it is what I had intended to buy. Scrolling through the many lovely products by too faced on the house of fraser website, I longed to add them all to my basket (chocolate bar palette I am looking at you!) and finally I reached this little gem. I know it's not the natural eyes palette like I said I wanted, but the more I looked at it, the more I wanted it - I convinced myself it was better and I needed it, thoughts such as 'but it's £3 cheaper'  and 'you already have lots of brown toned eyeshadows, try something different like this one!'. (realising now how pathetic and cheap I sound - wow)

In this palette there are 9 shades in total, 3 matte shades and the rest shimmery. (thats the opposite to matte, right?) It comes with a step by step tutorial on how to create 3 looks : day, classic and fashion. I think this would be very helpful and a useful palette for someone who is starting off their makeup collection and is still unsure of what goes where etc. The shades in this palette are of the neutral spectrum with pinky tones, voulez-vous stands out to me the most as it is a very pretty purpley, blackish.. Grey? It is hard to describe but is SO pretty. I normally go for earthy tones to compliment my green eyes but I felt like going for something a little different and so far I am loving it.

All the names of the eyeshadows are so sexual, this whole palette is so cheeky! But very loveable, has anyone else tried it out?

Monday, 25 August 2014


I done this last week and actually really really enjoyed writing it so I think I may do this as a regular thing.. Maybe, possibly.. What do you think?

Oh well it makes me happy and it gives you an excuse to drool over hot guys so you should be thanking me.

Without anymore delay, I present to you.. my mcm!

And who is the lucky man, this week you ask? None other than the beautiful Jamie Campbell Bower.

Mainly because he is a babe but also because I am currently reading 'City of heavenly fire' and he was cast as Jace. (Anyone else a mega tmi fan?) Also Jamie has a band called 'The Darling Buds' and I would recommend you check them out because they are pretty fab.

(disclaimer: none of these are my own pictures)

Muscles, smile, hair. Oh. My. God.

Such a little cutie, wow.

He looks like some world famous rocker. Struggling to continue but alas I will.

Did I mention how I have such a thing for boys with piercings and tattoos?? 

Not many of my friends get my obsession with him but honestly look at him. That bone structure, his floppy hair, nose piercing, also after watching several interviews with him (don't worry I am judging myself just as much as you are) he actually seems like such a nice guy and is really very funny - a mega plus if you ask me.


Did I mention he has also modelled for Burberry? Is there anything he can't do?!

Damn you and your lip bite. 

Also he has a beautiful accent goodbye. 

No but really, comment down below who your mcm is and if you agree with mine!

See you soooooon! Ness x 

A Healthier Breakfast..

'Beauty starts from within', 'You are what you eat', 'Eat yourself beautiful!'

I'm sure we have all heard at least one of these sayings more than once and I totally agree with them. Some of the most coveted looks and things that are described as beautiful by others can usually be achieved with a healthy diet. Such as brighter skin that is glowing, soft and shiny hair and also some kickass looking nails. However I'm not going to bore you and try to convince you to eat healthy because - of course - I am not some health goddess myself but I am going to share with you my tasty breakfast so maybe you can try and recreate it yourself!

A great thing about this breakfast is that there are so many alternative ways to make it, if you don't like something I added or you would like to add something else, go right ahead and do it! I came up with this myself through experimentation and each time I do something different just to keep things interesting, so go right ahead and put your own mark on it.

The finished product..  

(ignore messy background and focus on delicious food)

Without further ado lets get started..

What I included in my bowl: 
- A handful of rolled Oats (add more if needed)
- A handful of flaked Almonds 
- Roughly a desert spoon of chia seeds
- Heaped tsp of flaxseed with goji berries
- Heaped tsp of flaxseed with sunflower and pumpkin seeds
- Tsp of Cocoa nibs   
- One square of 85% chocolate
-  2 tsps of sunflower seeds
- Blueberries, raspberries, strawberries 
- Enough almond milk to combine everything together (so vague I'm sorry)

This whole recipe is all depended on your taste because I made mine according to me. For example, I don't like cocoa nibs but I know how healthy they are so I added only a small amount of them, also I added a lot of chia seeds because of the health benefits and I actually like them and finally, almonds because I love them and they bulk up the granola (is this even granola I am unsure) 

I don't have pictures but I added a handful each of blueberries, raspberries and strawberries. 

Health benefits of this breakfast:
- Almonds include good fat to lower cholesterol 
- Oats provide slow releasing energy
- Chia seeds (major superfood) are high in fiber, protein, omega 3 and can also help with weight loss
- Sunflower seeds are a great source of vitamin e (hello glowing skin!)
- Cocoa nibs are a great energy booster and actually can make you happier! (I swear, just google it) 
- Flaxseeds are another great source of fiber and contain omega 3 

There are so so many more health benefits but I'm just too lazy to list them all and I highly suggest looking into them if you are interested!

Back to the recipe.. 
After putting all the dry ingredients in a bowl I like to add a little almond milk to combine everything together. This morning I didn't have almond milk, so I had to make do with semi-skimmed and it didn't make a difference as you only add a small amount just so it combines together.

Next add your fruit and presto! Thats how easy it is. Just pop it in the oven for about 15 minutes and what I like to do is take it out after the 15 minutes and give it a good stir around and pop it back in the oven for roughly 5-10 minutes.

SO yummy. 
If you want you can add yoghurt or drizzle honey over it, it's all up to you:)

Comment below what you think and if you would ever try this in the future..

See you soon! Ness x 

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

My Wishlist - August 2014♥︎

I think everyone has their eye on at least one thing. But for me, I happen to have my eye on a couple of things and the problem is payday isn't everyday, so of course I can't be buying them all - as much as I would love to!

To cater my wandering eye (sounds so sexual, I swear it's not!) I have decided to make a wish list and to share it with you all so we can lust after these products together!

*Deep breathe* Ahh so pretty.

Lets work our way round from the top left corner onwards.

Nars Creamy Concealer - I don't think I have read any bad reviews on this product and I just really want a new under-eye concealer as I feel like none I have used recently have done much good and I just really love nars so I pretty much want everything from it.

Anastasia Beverly Hills 'Brow Wiz'- Do I really have to say much about this? Literally everyone has this and I feel so left behind on the new obsession, I want this so baaaaad! 

Mac concealer palette in 'Light' - I really wanted to try out this concealer palette as I really loved my current mac concealer but sometimes I feel like the colouring is not just 100% right and I think it would be a good idea to mix different colours together, I have also read it is good for highlighting/ countouring and can also be used as an under eye concealer. The value is quite good considering you are paying £35 for SIX shades and I think I forget that it is actually for the six and not just one, so in theory it is quite good value.

Lorac Pro Palette - Alike the brow wiz this has been talked about SO much and has featured in many tutorials. I probably will never get my hands on this beauty as it is £52.50 (according to amazon but I'm pretty sure its cheaper) 

Laura Mercier Ambre Vanilla Honey Bath - Another cult favourite this bath promises to leave your skin felling velvety soft, and lets face it, who doesn't want velvety soft skin?! Also my sister got it and raved to me about how good it is, so this is definitely going on my wishlist as I do love a good ole' bath. (not to mention the little scooper thingy is cool as hell!)

Tarte amazonian clay foundation - I know, I know, I only got a new foundation and I have already declared my love for it, but that doesn't mean I can't eye up another foundation.. Right? After converting $38 to sterling I figured it was about £23 roughly, which is not so bad.

Nars Lip Crayons - Nothing really to say for myself here, just that I love nars and I love lip crayons and I heard these are pretty good. These are £18 and in my opinion, slightly pricey which is the number one reason they are on my wish list and not in my makeup drawer.

Too Faced 'Chocolate Bar' Eye Palette - I'm a sucker for a good eye palette and boy do I want this. I love the look of this palette and I think I could use nearly every single shade in it - they all look so wearable and ugh I need this in my life, I have been eyeing it up for way too long.

Keihls 'Raw earth deep cleansing' Face Mask - I have recently discovered this item after reading one review, which spiraled into me reading another and another and another (you get where this is going), which led this little pot into the direction of my wishlist. Another thing, I have never actually tried anything from keihls so I may end up giving this a go pretty soon.

Kehls creamy eye treatment - I have no reason behind this, I probably don't even need an eye cream as I have never had a problem with the skin around my eyes however after watching a video by zoella I felt like I needed this in my life, also as I said before I really just want to try out the brand! (also I can imagine it to be amazing because avocado on the eyelids seems like heaven, or is that just me?)

Last but not least..

Zoeva Rose Gold Brush Set - Ahhh these beauties. Theres something about buying new makeup brushes that is so appealing to me.. One thing that is not so appealing however is the price. I know, I know, that it is actually very good value for the amount of brushes you get but I just don't like spending that amount of money all at once (sometimes I question am I even making sense). Anyhoo, I just really want these and the look gorgeous and so luxurious with the rose gold detailing. Gimme gimme gimme!! (Not a Britney Spears reference).

What is on your current wishlist? Tell me below in the comments! :-)

Have a good day! Ness x  

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Revlon Colourstay Foundation Review

So I may have went shopping again.. This time I got some different products but I decided to do a review on my new foundation aka the revlon colorstay foundation. 

This foundation has got so many raving reviews and that is what spurred me on to get this instead of repurchasing my clinique foundation. This review will probably be no different, as I loved it. I have only used this foundation once, but it really was fantastic. 

To give you some background info I have acne and my skin is not entirely oily, more combination. Also I think it is sensitive (not too sure but when I got a facial, the lady claimed I have 'baby like' skin).

You can get this foundation in either of two forms depending on your skin type. (Oily/combination or normal/dry) Upon buying this I really liked the idea of a foundation to match your skin type because foundations either look to cakey, or don't have enough lasting power, or just make my skin look like an oil slick.

My first impressions of this were very good but the only flaw I have with it, is that it doesn't have a pump and the foundation is quite thick making it harder to get out and just more time consuming. The colour I got was 150 Buff and it is absolutely perfect for my skin colour and I NEVER find a perfect match, I either look like a wotsit or so pale that I look sickly. 
What I used to get the right colour (this was shown to me by a friend) was the website and it is basically a website were you type in your previous foundation colour and then you pick the one you are looking for and it will get the same colour for you. Simples. The foundation I used to match up was the healthy mix by bourjois in the shade vanilla as it is the only one I could remember whilst in boots and also because it was one of the closest foundations to match my skin tone that I can recall. I got matched to two different shades, one was slightly darker than bourjois vanilla and the other was a shade lighter and with Autumn fast approaching my skin is only going to get paler so I decided to go with the lighter option aka 150 Buff. I also thought it was a good idea to go for the lighter option as you can always bronze it up a little, whereas with a darker colour there is no escape from the tragedy of looking like an oompaloompa. 

Before applying my foundation I used my l'oreal blur cream and I'm not sure if it was the blur cream or the actual foundation that made my skin look flawless but you couldn't even detect my pores - and let me tell you I have big pores. I applied it with my real techniques expert face brush and I feel like you only need a little of this foundation as I said before it is quite thick and it may look a tad cakey if you applied too much of it on at once. For me it blended really well and evened out my skin tone and even covered pesky acne scarring. I can't say that it completely covered my acne but it did work as a great base for my concealer. 

I applied my foundation in the early afternoon, done some baking, walked to work and then actually done my shift at work - and through all this my foundation stayed put. For me, that is a huge achievement because if I wore my old foundation and done these tasks I would either look like an oily cakey mess, or just look completely bare faced with the odd patch of concealer. (how attractive)

Overall I think this is an amazing foundation and I would highly recommend it for oily skin and fellow acne sufferers! I will post an update soon, just to be sure I still love it as much as the first time:)

Have any of you guys tried this foundation? If so, leave a comment below telling me your thoughts on it!:)

Ness x 

Monday, 18 August 2014


Like the normal person, Mondays and I are just not friends. I don't think I have ever met someone who actually enjoys Mondays, no surprise because Mondays are crap.

Apart from one thing.. 

One thing that makes a gloomy ole' Monday a little brighter is the pictures of some beaut men that make their way onto my Instagram feed, so I thought why not have my own mcm, it would be rude not to. 

It was so hard to pick just one because there are so many I want to pick but alas I decided my first ever 'man crush monday' will be... Austin Butler, it would be even ruder of me to not pick this hottie as my mcm as it is his 23rd birthday today! (I just googled it and his birthday was actually yesterday, dammit it still counts)

(*Disclaimer* none of these are my own pictures!!)

I'm struggling to function.

I want to thank Jesus for delighting us with such a beautiful human.

Whilst searching tumblr for some of these pictures I stumbled across THIS gif, I don't know how to add it but I feel like everyone needs to see it. (trust me you want to see it) 

I just want to play it on loop for an entire year and then have it engrained in my memory for the rest of my life, is that too much to ask?!

Lets carry on with some more delightful pictures shall we?

This is all a bit too much, Austin Butler in a suit is giving me heart palpitations. (fellow carrie diaries viewers cry with me because of memories of this episode kyddshaw forever okay) 

I'm pretty sad/ jealous he is already taken by Vanessa Hudgens, but you can't lie - they are one hot couple. Also there is no rule that says we can't still drool over him.

So I think I have made my point.

*found some more gifs and holy crap if you don't click them I'm seriously questioning your sanity right now*

Now I am going to go curl in a ball and re-watch all of the carrie diaries and cry because Austin Butler is a real person BYEEEE!

Ness x   

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Liebster Award♥︎

Hey everyone!
So I am doing something a little different..

I'm obviously very new to the whole blogging community, so it made me so happy/ surprised to get nominated to do this by the lovely Jordan (thanks gal!) :-) 

If you are like me and don't have a clue how to do this, here are the rules:  
- You list 11 facts about yourself
- Answer the 11 questions given to you by the person who's nominated you
- Write 11 new questions
- Nominate 11 bloggers with under 200 followers to answer the questions.  
remember to let the bloggers know that you've nominated them!

So lets get staaaarted then ;)

11 Facts
1) I have literally no favourites because I can never decide on just one
2) I'm a complete and utter self-confessed bookworm
3) I fancy way too many celebrities, probably the randomest one is Paul Rudd
4) I currently work part-time in a supermarket (how glamorous) 
5) My hair has always been long and I refuse to ever get it short
6) I'm a complete sucker for a romantic movie eg, the notebook or dirty dancing
7) I am pretty obsessed with makeup and anything beauty related (obvious enough) 
8) I can play piano
9) I'm currently waiting on school exam results and I am incredibly nervous
10) I have a bad/ nervous habit of scratching my head (so gross I know)
11)  I'm intolerant to gluten, dairy and eggs

I feel like my facts are all incredibly random and weird, oh well. (the urge to not put 'lol' or 'haha' after this is too strong to not acknowledge, it sounds so boring .. 'lol') 
Onto my questions.. 

1. Favourite beauty product to use at the moment?
Rimmel Wonderlash mascara or Diorshow art pen liner (as I said before- I can never decide on just the one) 

2. Summer or Winter?
This is literally so hard for me because I love summer and summer makeup, and no school and the lot but Winter is so nice and cosy and I love winter fashion.. I'm going to say winter before I change my mind

3. Have you any siblings?
Indeed I do, I have a sister and two brothers (also a brother-in-law, does that count?)

4. Favourite skincare products?
I love 'Grease Lightening' by lush and also think the origins 'out of trouble' and the ren 'invisible pores' face masks are both fab.

5. Have you done anything exciting in the past week?
Such a thoughtful question! Yes, I actually got my hair done last Wednesday.. Nothing else too exciting, I was at a football match last night..?

6. When is your birthday?
April 3rd

7. Favourite types of blogs to read?
The normal beauty blogs, I also love diy beauty and I also enjoy reading book - related blogs (such a nerd I apologise)

8. Bought any products that you didn't enjoy? 
The only thing that immediately sprung to mind when I read this question was the mask of magnaminty by lush. I'm curious to know if anyone else who tried it had the same reaction that I did, but after using it my skin was feeling soft and refreshed however the next day I woke up with my skin covered in teeny spots, they almost looked like goosebumps but alas they stayed with me for a week.. All. Over. My. Face. So no I can't say I enjoyed it, all that much.

9. What colour eyeshadows do you like to wear?
I'm not very adventurous with my makeup so I normally like neutrals (think all three naked 3 palettes) or else a good ole' smokey eye.

10. What country do you live in?
Northern Ireland

11. Favourite nail polish brand? 
Not a big nail person but I usually buy Barry M, also my sister bought me a ciaté nail polish advent calender around Christmas time and I am still really enjoying the nail polish from that. 

Okay so it's time for me to nominate people and I have literally no idea who to nominate because as I said I am so new on here and haven't really been talking to anyone but oh well I better nominate some people at least! 

So I nominate : Alexandra, Emma, Char, Abigail, Amy and Elsa 
(sorry, this is so random!)

My questions are:
1) Who is your style icon/crush?
2) One piece of makeup you can not and will not live without?
3) Any pets?
4) Favourite beauty trick/hack?
5) Biggest fear?
6) What is on your current wish-list?
7) Do you have a lucky number?
8) Why did you start your blog?
9) Favourite type of music?
10) Too warm or too cold?
11) Favourite type of beauty products (could be makeup-eye, hair, skincare etc)

Thanks so much for reading, now you know a little more about me - even if you wanted to or not.

Ness x

Friday, 15 August 2014

At it Again...

Uh-oh. I did it again.

So I seriously think I have a problem. I went shopping, and yes, I picked up some new makeup/beauty related bits. Its really nothing new, to be honest. 

Anyways last Wednesday I was off to get my hair done so I decided to meet up with my pal to go for a quick look around the shops and to get something to eat. And of course, it led me to buying things I probably didn't even need if I'm honest. 

First off we decided to head to boots uptown and I got the ecotools eye enhancing duo set, I can actually justify this product because I really did need some new eye brushes and I seen a video by Kathleen lights or else by the youtube channel AlisonlovesJB (I think? Doubting myself now:-))  and they recommended it so I thought 'Why not?'. I actually used them yesterday and I already agree that they are fab. 

Next I decided to repurchase the amazing garnier micellar cleansing water. This stuff is absolutely amazing at removing makeup, I would highly recommend it. Also it is roughly about £5 and considering there is 400ml in this, it is quite the bargain as it lasts a very long time.

This little beauty was picked up with thanks to my friend Ellen, for coaxing me into buying it. Honestly we are as bad as each other, telling each other that we 'NEED' certain products when really we already have a similar one in about 6 different shades. But really, I actually do thank her for persuading me to get it as it really is something else. As you can see it's the most recent mascara from rimmel and it is  called 'wonder'full' (I do appreciate a good pun). Even the packaging is gorgeous, it looks so luxurious and what makes the product even more luxurious is the fact it has Argan oil in the formula. I think what really had me won over was the fact there was Argan oil in it because I've never actually heard of a mascara with it as an ingredient and I was very intrigued. 

I actually have been using the mascara recently and I can whole-heartedly tell you it is definitely going to be my favourite for quite some time as it is brilliant at creating long and voluminous lashes but yet is clump-free, maybe it's the inclusion of argan oil that makes this mascara so wonder'full (get it?) but whatever it is, it is certainly working:-)

The enabler strikes again. Yes, another product purchased thanks to my lovely friend but I can't let her take all the blame on this one as she has had to put up with me contemplating whether to buy this for aaaages. But finally I gave in as my curiosity got the better of me. I believe the 'Nude Magique' range from L'oreal is somewhat new and this 'Blur cream' particularly caught my eye. Maybe it was the promise of a blurred out, poreless, perfect - looking skin that had me won over, that or the fancy phrases like 'Concentrated with light reflectors, the micro-blur technology delivers an optical blurring effect'. Anyways I was bought. Recently I have used the blur cream and I can't say I love it just yet.. It is quite thick and reminds me slightly of the baby skin primer by maybelline, the only difference is that the blur cream has a slight colour to it. I do think when I first put it on that it does leave my pores looking blurred out however I don't think it has combined too well with my acne as concealer seems a little harder to apply/ doesn't last as long. But maybe I am not giving it a fair chance.. I will have to wait it out another while to get a full honest verdict I think. 

(don't ask why I have the eco-tools brushes and the real techniques in the same picture, I apparently thought it was a good idea at the time)

Last but not least I have the real techniques limited edition duo-fiber edition brushes. Now let me tell you, when I see 'Limited edition' something in my head ticks and I think "Oh my God! I need this, it won't be here forever.. I would be one of the few special ones to get the cool limited edition! YES SHOW ME THE TILL I WANT 20" (Am I the only one..?) Okay so that may be exaggerated just a tad but honestly, if something is limited edition I will be all over it. I haven't tried all these brushes out yet as I'm still trying to decided which one I want to use for what but I have used the smallest one (forgive me, I'm in bed and I refuse to go get it just to find the name so I'm referring to it as the smallest one) to blend in my under eye concealer and I have no complaints, so if you love limited edition goodies too, I say go for it;-) 

So that is it! Congratulations! You are a survivor, you have survived reading through the endless thoughts and rambles from my jumbled up head! And honestly if you have gotten this far, I can not thank you enough, as it means tons and tons..

Not sure what to put at the end of blogposts.. Like what is the 'cool' thing here? I don't want to be that loser blog that everyone makes fun of because she says 'come again' when everyone knows you are meant to say 'share with your friends'.

What am I even talking about? Okay, this is a queue for me to leave it off and go to sleep..

See ya soon guys!
Ness x 

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

July Favourites

Hello everyone!

So today I decided I would do my July favourites and I know that I'm late, as it is currently the 12th of August but better late than never, eh? 

It was literally so hard to narrow things down and to not write about 20 different things (some of which were new clothes and I don't think I am brave enough yet to show myself online haha.)

So without further ado let us begin.. 

(Lancome Bi-Facil make-up remover, Lush grease lightening, Origins 'Out of Trouble' face mask, La Roche Posay effaclar duo) 

First I will begin with my Lancome Bi-Facil eye makeup remover, I stumbled across this product when my mum actually brought me back a Lancome set which included a mascara, eyeliner and the eye makeup remover back from holidays (hence why it is in miniature form). Needless to say even though this product is small it really does pack a punch. It honestly has done the best job at removing my eye makeup and does not sting my eyes even slightly, which has always been a problem for me with eye makeup removers. This product easily took off my heavy eye makeup (including false lashes and glue) from a night out. Enough said, I will be buying this again. 

Underneath it in the photograph is a slightly worn out 'Grease Lightening' by lush and I honestly love it so much. As I am plagued with acne but also have very sensitive skin I find it difficult to find a spot treatment that does the job but also doesn't give that sharp stinging feeling that makes me question is it doing more harm than good. However, I find that grease lightening is very effective and also gives a soothing feel as it is a cool like gel which is very nice for when you have that monstrous spot on your face. Also as you can tell by the packaging that I have actually had this product for quite a while and it is still lasting well, so in my opinion it is great value at £6.25 as a little goes a very long way. 

Moving on to my origins face mask, this is also another old-ish product of mine and one of my favourite face masks. I tend to use this mask only when I am having really bad acne days, or when my skin feels extra oily, because it can be slightly drying in my opinion. After using this my skin feels so soft and fresh and honestly I can say I feel like my spots are reduced after using this mask. It is a very thick face mask and I find it slightly hard to take off since it is so thick but it is nice because it doesn't harden and flake like most face masks. 

The La Roche Posay, a real classic. I feel like everyone who has even slight acne/spot problems has used this and loved it. After a few failed attempts at using this, I thought it was hopeless and wasn't for me. It actually caused my skin to flare up in little teeny dots and stung like a b****. But soldiering through I figured what way works for me and that is too apply a very small amount on problem areas and to massage it in, I also only use it roughly 2-3 times a week and along with 'Grease lightening' and I feel like this due has worked wonders on my skin. 

Okay so I may have read this book at the end of June but that is not the point. This book. THIS. BOOK. I have no words. Okay, I actually have a lot of words, they are just jumbled up inside this head of mine. 
I wasn't really expecting too much of this book, all I was expecting was a nice, easy summer read. Boy, was I wrong. Not in the easy read, nice book aspect but in the holy crap this book is actually spectacularly brilliant and I will not be able to put it down until I can finish this story kind of book. I just can't get all my thoughts together on this. 
The link of the plot will be *here*

(this is the point were I realised I needed more than a paragraph to express my love for this book and I decided to make a full length review so if you want to read that, I am in the midst of typing it up and it shall be up VERY shortly.)

(Bourjois volumizer mascara, Laura Mercier secret camouflage in sc-02, Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat)

Maybe it's just me but I seem to lose mascaras like I lose hair pins and I lose a LOT of them. So that led me to this bourjois mascara. It has two steps and the first, in my opinion, is not all that great on its own, especially if you like big lashes like myself. However, I still apply it first as a base and then follow up on the second step for extra drama. This mascara can be a little clumpy but nothing a little eyelash combing can't fix.

I actually purchased the Laura Mercier concealer ages ago but after not giving it a proper fair go, I decided I didn't like it and would remain in the safety blanket that was my mac studio finish concealer. But after being pried away from my mac concealer and my sister convincing me to give the Laura Mercier concealer another go, I was hooked. Honestly this concealer is great and the number one reason I didn't post a picture of the inside of the actual concealer is that it has actually hit the pan and looks kind of gross. I tend to only use the larger side of the concealer as the other smaller side is too dark for my skintone. But, yes this concealer has done a great job at covering my acne and I love it a whooooole lot. 

Making a reappearance on my blog is the Touche Eclat and damn I love it. It is very easily blended and leaves such a pretty natural glow, unlike the heavy (and very obvious) under-eye concealers you see at the moment. I don't have much more to say on this as it is just a pretty amazing highlighter and it looks spectacular on my pale dull skin. A+ from me!

Next we have a fashion favourite and these are my new babies. My new River Island boots. Being a shortie these boots are perfect, they have a low block heel giving you an extra boost of height but also making them very easy to walk in and trust me I cannot walk in high heels for the life of me, but I wore these shoes on a full day shopping and I didn't complain once. They are £38 and in my opinion that is pretty decent considering I will probably be wearing them 95% of the time. I have been wearing them recently with my black skinny jeans but also with skirts and tights and I feel a little more badass in them if I'm honest. So much love for these boots, if you get them you definitely won't regret it.

Bit of a random favourite but hey, I thought why not add it in! I have no words for this popcorn but to tell you it is delicious and it is seriously one of a kind. Never have I ever had a popcorn that is sweet (sort of toffee flavoured not your regular sweet) but also salty. Damn it's good. I have never actually seen it any shops but I get it in my sisters coffee shop but I'm pretty sure it's a british brand. The brand name is propercorn and I like to tell myself I'm being healthy when I'm having it as a snack (129 Calories isn't so bad, is it??) which is always a bonus, if you ask me. 


If you have gotten this far, thank you so much for reading, it means so much to me and I hope to see you soon! 

Thanks again and if you want maybe you could leave me a quick comment? Still trying to figure out how to work this website but at the moment I'm having fun just writing:-) 

Okay, see you soon! Byeeeeee!