Monday, 25 August 2014


I done this last week and actually really really enjoyed writing it so I think I may do this as a regular thing.. Maybe, possibly.. What do you think?

Oh well it makes me happy and it gives you an excuse to drool over hot guys so you should be thanking me.

Without anymore delay, I present to you.. my mcm!

And who is the lucky man, this week you ask? None other than the beautiful Jamie Campbell Bower.

Mainly because he is a babe but also because I am currently reading 'City of heavenly fire' and he was cast as Jace. (Anyone else a mega tmi fan?) Also Jamie has a band called 'The Darling Buds' and I would recommend you check them out because they are pretty fab.

(disclaimer: none of these are my own pictures)

Muscles, smile, hair. Oh. My. God.

Such a little cutie, wow.

He looks like some world famous rocker. Struggling to continue but alas I will.

Did I mention how I have such a thing for boys with piercings and tattoos?? 

Not many of my friends get my obsession with him but honestly look at him. That bone structure, his floppy hair, nose piercing, also after watching several interviews with him (don't worry I am judging myself just as much as you are) he actually seems like such a nice guy and is really very funny - a mega plus if you ask me.


Did I mention he has also modelled for Burberry? Is there anything he can't do?!

Damn you and your lip bite. 

Also he has a beautiful accent goodbye. 

No but really, comment down below who your mcm is and if you agree with mine!

See you soooooon! Ness x 

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