Friday, 29 August 2014

Book Review: Lobsters

Lobsters by Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison.

If you are looking for a funny, frank, ya book to read - this is exactly what you are looking for. 

Lobsters is basically a story about a boy and a girl called Sam and Hannah, they are both virgins and are starting off summer looking to change that. Without giving away too much - their stories intertwine and I'm sure you know where it is going. 

I really enjoyed this book because you get both points of view and see the story from both Sam and Hannahs eyes. Not to mention I loved both Hannah and Sam, which is rare for me because usually characters annoy me in some sort of way - either the girl is too nosy and stupid or the boy can be too unrealistic the list goes on, on why some characters bug me. Not with this book though. 

Hannah is literally the most relatable character, ever - I honestly don't think I have related to a character so much in a book. She is just so average (in the nicest way possible), at the beginning of the book it mentions her watching sloth videos and how to perfect the cat flick, she has a good looking friend that always gets boys attention, she gets body envy over a h&m poster and is ultimately my favourite character. She is also very funny and gets herself into awkward situations without it being unrealistic and silly. 

Sam is also probably very relatable for a boy - but then again what do I know, I'm just a girl however if I was a boy I would probably be able to relate to Sam. Reading from his point of view it was interesting to see his take on each situation and some of the situations he gets in really are hilarious eg. when he is in Sark and that office drinks meeting.

I also loved how it was set in the UK as they used lots of slang words that teenagers actually use and made references to other teenage related things which made me feel like I was actually reading from a 17/18 year olds point of view, not a middle aged mans (not that I have anything against middle age men)

Can I also just mention how they used the concept of lobsters which I discovered through 'friends' on relationships and also if you are a harry potter fan like me, there is a couple of references that had me in fits. 
eg. “Look at Ron and Hermione. Obstacles everywhere. But did Hermione give up on Ron when he was dating Lavender Brown? Did Ron give up on Hermione when he was knocking about with that Bulgarian Quidditch bloke? Did they let the pressure of tracking down the final few Horcruxes tear them apart? No. All the drama they went through made it all the more poignant when they finally got together.” 

Not to mention I have learnt some great life lessons in this book.
1) Getting a bikini wax will leave you red and sore for a very long time.
2) Boys in waistcoats by choice are usually arseholes.
3) Pax means peace in latin.
4) Bring wellies and a coat to festivals to avoid bin bag dresses and sainsbury bags as shoes.
5) Lobsters don't actually mate for life. Bald eagles do. (friends lied)
6) Hot ribena is actually a thing.

Has anyone else read this book? If you haven't please pick it up asap because it really is amazing!

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