Saturday, 6 September 2014

August Favourites♥︎

The end of Summer is always a bittersweet thing for me. I love love love Autumn, I love the clothing, the weather, the leaves getting crunchy, darker evenings, curling up beside the fire with a hot chocolate.. I love it. One thing I don't like so much about Autumn (alike 99.9% of students) is returning back to school. Don't get me wrong it's not like I despise school and after the first couple of weeks it feels like I have never left.. But since I am going into 6th year and taking the drastic leap into the intimidating world of A levels, you can imagine I am not so ecstatic.. 

When Summer ends it also means that it is time for another favourites post. I know I'm new and have only one other favourites but really I love piling up all the things I have been loving this month into one place and sharing it for you all.


Ahhh let us begin.

Let's begin with my favourite scent of the month which is 'Vanilla Lace' by Victoria Secret, I am terrible at describing smells - alike 90% of the population - but I would describe it as very sweet..? You know what, I'm going to tell you how Victoria Secret describe it - "A seductive, warm fragrance. Feel sensual in Vanilla Lace, a seductive veil of warm vanilla and sultry musk". So I was wrong. The size of this product is great for carrying about in your handbag which is also a major plus and I actually got this as a present in a set with two other body mists and 3 matching body lotions, it's great. I love it a lot.

Moving on to my 'Arch de Triumph' brow pencil and highlighter by Soap and Glory. I bought this because my Soap and Glory archery brow pen/pencil thingy ran out and because the boots where I live is so crappy (it's a problem) I had to settle on this. I was really not expecting much as I am not the biggest fan of brow pencils as I feel like they can make your brows look ridiculous, however I was pleasantly surprised as first off the colour is perfect for my eyebrows, it makes them look natural and fuller instead of giving the overdone, drawn on look that no one wants. I can't say too much about the highlighter side, I used it a couple times but I'm still unsure how to feel about it.

Another brow product I have been loving (for more than just August) is a brow gel called Brow Drama by Maybelline. This little sculpting gel is really amazing in my opinion. Paired with my soap and glory brow pencil, these two have been keeping my brow game strong all day long. 

(Colour on nails is Sugar Plum by Ciate)

 Next is my gorgeous lipstick from Topshop in the shade Ditsy. I am not a lipstick person, I shy away from bright colours and usually stick to a nice lip balm or pinky/nude toned colour but after seeing this I felt like I had to have it. It is the perfect summery lipstick in my opinion. The picture doesn't show the colour completely accurately as it is slightly more orangey on and not quite as red however it is described as 'hot coral' on the topshop website. Personally I like to blend this lipstick in a bit as I am still a bit frightful of big bold colours but I really do love this lipstick, it's fab. (quick note: is anyone else obsessed with the packaging like I am?!) 

The nail polish shade I have really been loving through the month of August is actually from my 2013 Ciate advent calendar and it's in the shade 'Sugar Plum' (Isn't the name so cute?!) It is a really pretty lavender shade and I love pastel colours so this is right up my street.

Lately my skin has been so dry, flakey, gross and my makeup has been looking terrible because of it. To fix this problem I sought out my miniature sized Clinique Moisture Surge extended thirst relief moisturiser and it really lived up to the name. After using this moisturiser and waking up the next day I find my skin is so much softer and it really has cleared up the dry patches on my face. Also don't even ask where I got the miniature sized version of this because I'm not entirely sure. (Bad, I know) 

Another skincare product from the result of dry skin is the amazing cleanser from Eve Lom. As I was saying, my makeup was looking very crappy and not applying very nicely and my skin looked so dull -  so to try and counteract this I decided to use this in the morning before applying my makeup and I can honestly say I have noticed such a difference. After using it my skin felt - again - so soft and refreshed, I also love the smell of this product and I'm not entirely sure how to describe it, just that it's really good..? Sadly my one (or rather my mums) is running out so I/ she will need to get one very soon! Another piece of sad news is that it is quite pricey but I can say I think it is totally worth it. 

I also want to mention I have been loving the band Family of the Year they are fricking amazing and are classified as an indie rock band according to wikipedia, their music is very chill and I just love them so much. You probably know their song 'Hero' which is sooo amazing but you should really check out their whole album 'Loma Vista' because it is spectacular. 

What has been your favourites this month?:) 


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