Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Toronto Treats! (haul)


A moment of appreciation for my Mum and Dad for trolling through Sephora, Mac, Lush and the lot, just to bring me back these goodies! I am in no way showing off here, I just really want to share with you what I got because I'm very, very excited!

Another thing, I am pretty sure (I think?) that certain brands are actually cheaper in Canada/Us so this also spurred on the excessive gift buying..

I'm going to begin with (in my opinion) the most exciting product which has been on my wishlist for aaaages and that is The Chocolate Bar palette by 'Too Faced'. This is the kind of item I would never go to buy myself - mainly because of the price tag - but oh my God it's literally so perfect. The first thing my Mum said to me when I opened it was 'Smell it! It smells of chocolate!! Isn't that cool?', the smell of it was about the last thing on my mind but it actually does smell of chocolate and it is very, very cool. I have already used this palette yesterday and I can't speak highly enough of it, the colours are gorgeous and so wearable, the pigmentation is amazing and they blend flawlessly, I have zero complaints.

Another item on my wishlist that the whole female population and their neighbour has heard of is the Anastasia Beverly hills Brow Wiz. I finally have it! Let's rejoice for the strong brow games to come. Also, completely random - not complaining just an observation - but the little 'Wiz' stick thing is so teeny! I wasn't expecting a brute of a thing but it's so small and skinny and cute. I'm in looove.

From Tarte my Mum picked me up the 12 hour Amazonian Clay foundation (another wishlist item - surprise, surprise). I also used this yesterday and the texture is so moussey and dream like, it lasted pretty much all day and I loved the coverage/ finish it gave.. Maybe a review to come? (after some more testing, of course!)

Whilst in Sephora, I was also treated to a new Sephora Brush set. There's something about getting new brushes that's just so exciting and great, that I can't fully describe it. This brush set comes with 7 brushes and a little brow comb (thingy). The brushes also come with a cute little case, which is very handy for travelling and keeping everything together. Also I apologise for the two brushes that are a little unclean - I used them this morning (A star for doing their job at being fab brushes)

I was also treated to a couple little goodies from Mac..  I got two eyeshadows in the shades: Shroom and Vanilla.  Shroom has a satin finish and Vanilla has a velvet finish - according to what it says on the packaging, ha. Both of these are very shimmery colours that would be beautiful for highlighting and using in the inner corner of the eye. The only slight difference between the two is that shroom is a little more on the taupe side. Super excited to try them out.

A mac classic, I finally got my hands on the Mac fluidline eye-liner gel in Blacktrack. I'm really excited to use this as it looks like a proper black-black and I have also heard some very good things about it..

(Oh heeeeey me, with my rather crap camera)

Holy grail status, Mac msf is my lifesaver. I can't leave the house without it, I have so much love for this product, I probably will never move on from it and I will refuse to use any other powder. I LOVE IT. (I wear light plus incase you were wondering)

Also my lovely mum got me a pro longwear blush from mac in the shade 'whole lotta love', what a cute name! Not really a blusher person but I'm very excited to use this, it's a gorgeous, deep pink colour, that I am terrible at describing. Laaaavely.

Oh how I love Lush.. I can't even explain why, I just do - like so much. My mum knows how much I love it too - most notably because I could spend about an hour in the shop (it smells good, okay?!)

As you can see, she bought me the lush Charity Pot which is basically a hand and body lotion/moisturiser which not only feels good but does good. How can you not feel good about buying this? You donate to charity by buying it and I just really love it's idea. It also smells great (no surprise).

A product I have never seen before whilst in lush is the cleanser Aqua Marina, it looks like it's rolled up in sushi form - basically because there is seaweed wrapped around it (how cool is that). Adding to the 'coolness' is that it's really thick/ almost solid and you basically add a little in your hand, add some water and presto! You feel like you've made your own cleanser. Trust me, it is just as satisfying as it sounds. (It's also inspired by mermaids, so fricking cool in my opinion)

And with that I am going to go write up my English lit essay (oh, the joys!)
Hope you enjoyed reading and snooping through my goodies! bye:)  

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