Saturday, 6 September 2014

Books I've read this month: August

One thing to know about me is that I love a good book. It may take me a while to get through a book but nonetheless I enjoy reading so much. So I decided to do a review sort thing on the books I have read in the month of August.. I hope you enjoy..
(Also I know they are all ya books but when it's summer and you want an easy read what else would you go for?)


Lets begin with The Spectacular Now by Tim Tharp. *Link for the blurb*. I always feel guilty saying this but I have actually watched the movie before reading the book. I know, I know it's bad, I apologise. I fell in love with the movie and I fell even more in love with the book. I really loved this story and more importantly I love the characters - I always love a book 20 times more if I like/love the characters in it. Sutter is my favourite character, I just think he is such a genuinely nice guy, he may not always do the right thing but 90% of the time he has good intentions, he is very complex and has his own problems he is (I think) so.. Realistic?  (I refuse to spoil this book so I won't go on). One thing that bugged me was the ending of the book, I was flicking  through the last pages looking was there another page because it just didn't seem finalised in my opinion. Can Tim Tharp just give us one more chapter? Pretty please? 

Moving swiftly onto Lobsters by Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison. *Link for the blurb*. I have already created a review on this extremely amazing, fantastic book HERE. It is a very easy read and if you are looking for an intellectual book that will make you think about life and such things - it's probably not for you.

Paper Towns by John Green. *Link for the blurb*. Now I will probably insult all die hard fans of John Green. I'm sorry. I had such high expectations for this book and that is maybe what let me down on it. Before I go on I just want to say that this is my opinion and obviously not everyone will agree with me and maybe some people will, but personally I didn't like this book and I couldn't finish it. The start was so good, it began with Margo crawling into Quentin's bedroom window and they go on a night time adventure (not as creepy and strange as it sounds). Then Margo goes missing and it slowly starts to annoy me. Can I just ask why is this boy so obsessed with finding her? Yes, he had a crush on her. Yes, she picked him to go on an adventure with. But why was he so obsessed with finding her? I personally didn't like Margo. She seemed like a selfish drama queen. So after reading Quentin search for clues relentlessly and wonder where this girl is - I got bored. So quickly. I just didn't care anymore. He annoyed me how he wasn't living his own life and instead was wasting his time searching for this selfish girl and before I insult any John Green fans anymore, I will leave it at that. I apologise if the book gets good where I left off and Margo is actually a lovely person but it just wasn't for me.

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. *Link for the blurb* I have mentioned my love for Rainbow Rowell and her amazing book Eleanor & Park a while ago (Probably one of my favourite books. Ever.) I really loved this book and it is so unique in my opinion. I loved the whole concept of Cath being a fangirl over a book (Similar to Harry Potter) it was so interesting and different from your average book. I'm a sucker for romance and this books romantic storyline was not my favourite.. They were very sweet together and I feel like they were almost a bit too sweet? And thats saying something coming from me. However the romance in the book is a very small story line and I really did enjoy it, the characters were great. I could relate to Cath in some aspects - not in the writing of gay fanfiction but in other ways haha. All in all it is a good book. 

Have any of you read any of these books? Or could you recommend me some more books to read?:)

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