Friday, 19 September 2014

Style Crushin'

Like marmite, you can either love or hate Cara Delevigne. Obviously since I'm dedicating a blogpost to her, I love her. She is my style/beauty/attitude inspiration (if you want to call it that). 

I was a bit stuck on what to post onto here, but scrolling through Instagram inspiration hit. Cara Delevigne fans eat your heart out. 

*none of these are my own pictures*


I know this was from 2012 but her makeup is so on point here, I'm still striving to recreate it. Ah, everything about this picture is perfection - if I'm honest.

I just want to begin with her style because it's just so effortlessly cool. She wears clothes that I would be too scared to wear incase I wouldn't be able to 'pull it off', but she makes it looks so easy - which it probably is because she most likely threw it together last minute like the rest of us, but still, I am so in love with her style. 

^ Personal favourite outfits ^

Can we also take a second to discuss how amazing she looked at the GQ awards?! Haaaawt.

I also want to say how much I love Cara's attitude. She is so carefree, unique and behaves as though she doesn't give a crap about what anyone thinks of her. I love this because I have such a struggle with the whole 'worrying over everyones judgements' and it makes me want to be a bit more like her.. (cringetastic but true) 

She is literally the definition of cool.

I also want to applaud her for being suuuuch an all rounder. Everyone knows she is a model (obvs) but not as many realise she also acts, which I want to congratulate her on getting the lead in a John Green - book turned - film. I actually have read half the book but couldn't finish it because I didn't particularly enjoy it but I may give it another chance now, as I know how much of a cult following Mr.Green has.

Another thing she has dabbled in, is singing and I really liked Will Heard's acoustic version of 'Sun Don't Shine' in which she accompanied him. I would give it a listen, it's very good!

My two queens, Mossy and Cara. Aw look how cute they look together.. (I sound like such a creeper, I'm not - I promise, don't worry)

And I will leave you with that. 
I am going to go now and dye my hair blonde, draw on some eyebrows and try to do about 5038498 sit ups to look a little more Cara-ish! (jokes)

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