Tuesday, 16 September 2014

New Purchases..

I know the title is a little strange but I couldn't bring myself to call this a haul because it's not really one to be honest, but I felt like I still needed to share it with you all.

As you see I picked up 3 items from Wet'n'Wild, basically because I have never seen it in Ireland and it's in the chemist beside my school so of course I got a little excited.

I picked up the 'Walking on Eggshells' 3 step eyeshadow palette. You can clearly see I have used this already and I actually love it so so much. It's so pigmented and the colours are so complementary. It was only £3.49 and I would honestly compare it to a high end eyeshadow, it's amazing. Complete bargain. 

Next up I got two of their lipsticks and I know, I know they are near the same colour but I just really like my natural-ish colours and they were too gorgeous not to pick up both. The slightly darker colour is 'Rose Bud' and the lighter of the two is 'Just Peachy'. These are also such good quality for only £2.49 each! They have such a lovely formula and the colour is so pigmented. (everything is very pigmented, okay?! Ha)  I will definitely be back to add some more to my stash!;)
*They look like a red and orange in the picture but thats just my crappy camera haha*

The next two purchases are due to the great and godly Asos. I absolutely love Asos, it's just so handy, having so many brands at just a click of a button (I'm cringing at my cliche-ness) 

First off lets welcome my beeeeeeautiful new boots. As I was saying I got these of Asos but they are actually from River Island *Get them here!*. They are described as red but I think they are more of a burgundy red colour, which make them very unique instead of boring old black boots (no hate to black boots) and they are the perfect shade for Autumn time in my opinion. I also love the little cut outs on the side which make them so cute and a little different than your average boot and for £35 I think they are very good!

A product I have been coveting for ages.. The 'Bahama Mama' bronzer from The Balm. I have heard so much about this little beauty and I am so chuffed to finally get my hands on it! Sadly they don't sell The Balm in stores in Ireland so I got mine off Asos for £13.50. As you probably notice in the picture I have already began using this bronzer and.. Oh. My. God. I am obsessed with it. It is amazing for contouring, like it's incredible. It is not orangey in the slightest and gives a very natural contour, I use my real techniques duo fibre brush to blend this in and it is just so so so beautiful. *Get your hand on it here!!*

New items are the best, I seriously think I have a shopping problem. 
Have a nice day, byeee! 

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