Sunday, 7 September 2014

MCM #3

If you say you don't love the hashtag mcm your lying to yourself. Man crush Monday is the only good thing about Mondays - Made in Chelsea was also a great thing about Mondays, until they moved it, yes I'm still annoyed by that. 

So who is your mcm? You may ask (or not). Drum roll, please.. Welcome to the stage Mr. Luke Hemmings! Before you all tut and sigh over who I picked. Let me say I am 16 so 1. It's completely okay and 2. He is beautiful. 


(*disclaimer* none of these are my own photos)

This is my favourite picture of him ever and I know it's side profile but doesn't he have such a lovely side profile at that? Also I will shamefully admit I have this picture on my wall. (Don't judge)



I also love his dress sense, it is so perfect (eh get it? she looks so perfect reference sort thing)

He goes from a cute puppy dog...

Can I also mention he is Australian and has an accent and you know how I feel about an accent.
And lip piercings.
And blonde hair.
He is literally the dream.

Heres some gifs to enjoy: 

Lets appreciate his eyes and how gorgeously blue they are.

I love this picture of Luke and Ashton together like wow.

I think I will leave you with that.

Who's your man crush monday?:)

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