Sunday, 7 September 2014

That Time of Year Again..

If you are like me, you will also be facing the non-spoken word of Summer: school. To help cope with the 'joys' of going back, I always get a little carried away on the stationary wagon. I am a complete stationary freak and sadly not all the pens/pencils/markers and the like can fit into my pencil case. Thats how bad it is. 

To maybe give you some inspiration (or something?) I will share with you my back to school.. Essentials? .. What I'm bringing back to school?  My stationary haul? I'm really struggling with a way to title it but I'm sure you get the gist! 


Of course the first thing that caught your eye is my amazing little Ryan Gosling notebook, so I will begin with that. I actually got it as a present from my friend for my birthday and I believe it is from Urban Outfitters, sadly I can't find it on the website but I am pretty sure you can get it elsewhere and it is probably on Ebay!

Moving swiftly on, to my bag. I'm not normally a one-strap kinda gal, I'm used to my trusty Roxy rucksack but I thought it's time for a bit of a change. Whilst in Accessorize I noticed it and I think because it's so plain, that's why I liked it so much? I didn't really want something too stand out-ish and this bag really was perfect for me. It's just the right size and the colour is a simple tan (which I love) and I really feel like it will last long, it just has a real sturdy feel. Also it was £32 which is very reasonable in my opinion and I have heard of a topshop bag breaking in only 4 days and I think it was over £40, so sometimes more expensive items can let you down in quality.

Enjoy my bags great photoshoot..

The little baby pink unicorn pencil case (I swear I'm not still in primary school) may have caught your eye in the picture and it is also from Accessorize. I fell in love with it as soon as I seen it, how can you not to be honest?! It's just SO cute and I know its probably aimed at 6-7 year olds but I think it's just too cute and I had to have it! I think it got a little squished in my bag over the weekend so please excuse the little corner that didn't want to co-ordinate and was sticking up.

 (I couldn't resist not giving it a photoshoot too) 

(stupid little corner sticking up ruined it.)

On to the less exciting stuff.. I got my cute 'Pugs not Drugs' notebook in Tesco and I'm terrible because I can't remember the price but I'm fairly sure it was around £4. 

I got my larger notebook and lots of pens etc from Easons, which is an Irish brand but it is near the exact same as WHSmith as it is basically just a book store. I also got a lot of stationary from Asda if you are wondering:)

The next two items I am going to talk about aren't exactly 'essentials' but I really like to bring them to school with me anyways. If you read my August Favourites you will probably recognise my little bottle of 'Vanilla Lace' by Victoria Secret -  I love this so much and it is really small so it won't take up too much room in your bag so anytime you want a quick spritz of perfume it's always there.

You're probably wondering what the incredibly cute robot shaped thing does, but it is actually a little hand warmer. If you're like me and live somewhere which is incredibly cold and you have to get up early in the morning, (even colder) you will love this. All you have to do is boil your kettle and pour some boiling water over it, the gel in it should sort of melt, you leave it to harden and then when you get cold you click the little metal in it and presto! It starts to heat up and you have yourself toasty hands:) I got mine in poundland and surprise surprise, it was a £1 but I'm pretty sure you can get one of these handy little boys anywhere!

Off I go to cuddle with Ryan Gosling.. Byeee!:)



  1. Love the unicorn!!! Haha perfect for school. I miss school now that I've graduated & I'm in the real world. :] // ☼ ☯

  2. Haha, why thank you! Lol don't worry you're not missing too much in school - it's still crap in my opinion! But thank you for commenting:) Have a good day!x @≈ CARMEN ≈