Friday, 15 August 2014

At it Again...

Uh-oh. I did it again.

So I seriously think I have a problem. I went shopping, and yes, I picked up some new makeup/beauty related bits. Its really nothing new, to be honest. 

Anyways last Wednesday I was off to get my hair done so I decided to meet up with my pal to go for a quick look around the shops and to get something to eat. And of course, it led me to buying things I probably didn't even need if I'm honest. 

First off we decided to head to boots uptown and I got the ecotools eye enhancing duo set, I can actually justify this product because I really did need some new eye brushes and I seen a video by Kathleen lights or else by the youtube channel AlisonlovesJB (I think? Doubting myself now:-))  and they recommended it so I thought 'Why not?'. I actually used them yesterday and I already agree that they are fab. 

Next I decided to repurchase the amazing garnier micellar cleansing water. This stuff is absolutely amazing at removing makeup, I would highly recommend it. Also it is roughly about £5 and considering there is 400ml in this, it is quite the bargain as it lasts a very long time.

This little beauty was picked up with thanks to my friend Ellen, for coaxing me into buying it. Honestly we are as bad as each other, telling each other that we 'NEED' certain products when really we already have a similar one in about 6 different shades. But really, I actually do thank her for persuading me to get it as it really is something else. As you can see it's the most recent mascara from rimmel and it is  called 'wonder'full' (I do appreciate a good pun). Even the packaging is gorgeous, it looks so luxurious and what makes the product even more luxurious is the fact it has Argan oil in the formula. I think what really had me won over was the fact there was Argan oil in it because I've never actually heard of a mascara with it as an ingredient and I was very intrigued. 

I actually have been using the mascara recently and I can whole-heartedly tell you it is definitely going to be my favourite for quite some time as it is brilliant at creating long and voluminous lashes but yet is clump-free, maybe it's the inclusion of argan oil that makes this mascara so wonder'full (get it?) but whatever it is, it is certainly working:-)

The enabler strikes again. Yes, another product purchased thanks to my lovely friend but I can't let her take all the blame on this one as she has had to put up with me contemplating whether to buy this for aaaages. But finally I gave in as my curiosity got the better of me. I believe the 'Nude Magique' range from L'oreal is somewhat new and this 'Blur cream' particularly caught my eye. Maybe it was the promise of a blurred out, poreless, perfect - looking skin that had me won over, that or the fancy phrases like 'Concentrated with light reflectors, the micro-blur technology delivers an optical blurring effect'. Anyways I was bought. Recently I have used the blur cream and I can't say I love it just yet.. It is quite thick and reminds me slightly of the baby skin primer by maybelline, the only difference is that the blur cream has a slight colour to it. I do think when I first put it on that it does leave my pores looking blurred out however I don't think it has combined too well with my acne as concealer seems a little harder to apply/ doesn't last as long. But maybe I am not giving it a fair chance.. I will have to wait it out another while to get a full honest verdict I think. 

(don't ask why I have the eco-tools brushes and the real techniques in the same picture, I apparently thought it was a good idea at the time)

Last but not least I have the real techniques limited edition duo-fiber edition brushes. Now let me tell you, when I see 'Limited edition' something in my head ticks and I think "Oh my God! I need this, it won't be here forever.. I would be one of the few special ones to get the cool limited edition! YES SHOW ME THE TILL I WANT 20" (Am I the only one..?) Okay so that may be exaggerated just a tad but honestly, if something is limited edition I will be all over it. I haven't tried all these brushes out yet as I'm still trying to decided which one I want to use for what but I have used the smallest one (forgive me, I'm in bed and I refuse to go get it just to find the name so I'm referring to it as the smallest one) to blend in my under eye concealer and I have no complaints, so if you love limited edition goodies too, I say go for it;-) 

So that is it! Congratulations! You are a survivor, you have survived reading through the endless thoughts and rambles from my jumbled up head! And honestly if you have gotten this far, I can not thank you enough, as it means tons and tons..

Not sure what to put at the end of blogposts.. Like what is the 'cool' thing here? I don't want to be that loser blog that everyone makes fun of because she says 'come again' when everyone knows you are meant to say 'share with your friends'.

What am I even talking about? Okay, this is a queue for me to leave it off and go to sleep..

See ya soon guys!
Ness x 


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  2. This is so cool! thanks for the nomination:)