Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Revlon Colourstay Foundation Review

So I may have went shopping again.. This time I got some different products but I decided to do a review on my new foundation aka the revlon colorstay foundation. 

This foundation has got so many raving reviews and that is what spurred me on to get this instead of repurchasing my clinique foundation. This review will probably be no different, as I loved it. I have only used this foundation once, but it really was fantastic. 

To give you some background info I have acne and my skin is not entirely oily, more combination. Also I think it is sensitive (not too sure but when I got a facial, the lady claimed I have 'baby like' skin).

You can get this foundation in either of two forms depending on your skin type. (Oily/combination or normal/dry) Upon buying this I really liked the idea of a foundation to match your skin type because foundations either look to cakey, or don't have enough lasting power, or just make my skin look like an oil slick.

My first impressions of this were very good but the only flaw I have with it, is that it doesn't have a pump and the foundation is quite thick making it harder to get out and just more time consuming. The colour I got was 150 Buff and it is absolutely perfect for my skin colour and I NEVER find a perfect match, I either look like a wotsit or so pale that I look sickly. 
What I used to get the right colour (this was shown to me by a friend) was the website www.matchmymakeup.com and it is basically a website were you type in your previous foundation colour and then you pick the one you are looking for and it will get the same colour for you. Simples. The foundation I used to match up was the healthy mix by bourjois in the shade vanilla as it is the only one I could remember whilst in boots and also because it was one of the closest foundations to match my skin tone that I can recall. I got matched to two different shades, one was slightly darker than bourjois vanilla and the other was a shade lighter and with Autumn fast approaching my skin is only going to get paler so I decided to go with the lighter option aka 150 Buff. I also thought it was a good idea to go for the lighter option as you can always bronze it up a little, whereas with a darker colour there is no escape from the tragedy of looking like an oompaloompa. 

Before applying my foundation I used my l'oreal blur cream and I'm not sure if it was the blur cream or the actual foundation that made my skin look flawless but you couldn't even detect my pores - and let me tell you I have big pores. I applied it with my real techniques expert face brush and I feel like you only need a little of this foundation as I said before it is quite thick and it may look a tad cakey if you applied too much of it on at once. For me it blended really well and evened out my skin tone and even covered pesky acne scarring. I can't say that it completely covered my acne but it did work as a great base for my concealer. 

I applied my foundation in the early afternoon, done some baking, walked to work and then actually done my shift at work - and through all this my foundation stayed put. For me, that is a huge achievement because if I wore my old foundation and done these tasks I would either look like an oily cakey mess, or just look completely bare faced with the odd patch of concealer. (how attractive)

Overall I think this is an amazing foundation and I would highly recommend it for oily skin and fellow acne sufferers! I will post an update soon, just to be sure I still love it as much as the first time:)

Have any of you guys tried this foundation? If so, leave a comment below telling me your thoughts on it!:)

Ness x 

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