Wednesday, 20 August 2014

My Wishlist - August 2014♥︎

I think everyone has their eye on at least one thing. But for me, I happen to have my eye on a couple of things and the problem is payday isn't everyday, so of course I can't be buying them all - as much as I would love to!

To cater my wandering eye (sounds so sexual, I swear it's not!) I have decided to make a wish list and to share it with you all so we can lust after these products together!

*Deep breathe* Ahh so pretty.

Lets work our way round from the top left corner onwards.

Nars Creamy Concealer - I don't think I have read any bad reviews on this product and I just really want a new under-eye concealer as I feel like none I have used recently have done much good and I just really love nars so I pretty much want everything from it.

Anastasia Beverly Hills 'Brow Wiz'- Do I really have to say much about this? Literally everyone has this and I feel so left behind on the new obsession, I want this so baaaaad! 

Mac concealer palette in 'Light' - I really wanted to try out this concealer palette as I really loved my current mac concealer but sometimes I feel like the colouring is not just 100% right and I think it would be a good idea to mix different colours together, I have also read it is good for highlighting/ countouring and can also be used as an under eye concealer. The value is quite good considering you are paying £35 for SIX shades and I think I forget that it is actually for the six and not just one, so in theory it is quite good value.

Lorac Pro Palette - Alike the brow wiz this has been talked about SO much and has featured in many tutorials. I probably will never get my hands on this beauty as it is £52.50 (according to amazon but I'm pretty sure its cheaper) 

Laura Mercier Ambre Vanilla Honey Bath - Another cult favourite this bath promises to leave your skin felling velvety soft, and lets face it, who doesn't want velvety soft skin?! Also my sister got it and raved to me about how good it is, so this is definitely going on my wishlist as I do love a good ole' bath. (not to mention the little scooper thingy is cool as hell!)

Tarte amazonian clay foundation - I know, I know, I only got a new foundation and I have already declared my love for it, but that doesn't mean I can't eye up another foundation.. Right? After converting $38 to sterling I figured it was about £23 roughly, which is not so bad.

Nars Lip Crayons - Nothing really to say for myself here, just that I love nars and I love lip crayons and I heard these are pretty good. These are £18 and in my opinion, slightly pricey which is the number one reason they are on my wish list and not in my makeup drawer.

Too Faced 'Chocolate Bar' Eye Palette - I'm a sucker for a good eye palette and boy do I want this. I love the look of this palette and I think I could use nearly every single shade in it - they all look so wearable and ugh I need this in my life, I have been eyeing it up for way too long.

Keihls 'Raw earth deep cleansing' Face Mask - I have recently discovered this item after reading one review, which spiraled into me reading another and another and another (you get where this is going), which led this little pot into the direction of my wishlist. Another thing, I have never actually tried anything from keihls so I may end up giving this a go pretty soon.

Kehls creamy eye treatment - I have no reason behind this, I probably don't even need an eye cream as I have never had a problem with the skin around my eyes however after watching a video by zoella I felt like I needed this in my life, also as I said before I really just want to try out the brand! (also I can imagine it to be amazing because avocado on the eyelids seems like heaven, or is that just me?)

Last but not least..

Zoeva Rose Gold Brush Set - Ahhh these beauties. Theres something about buying new makeup brushes that is so appealing to me.. One thing that is not so appealing however is the price. I know, I know, that it is actually very good value for the amount of brushes you get but I just don't like spending that amount of money all at once (sometimes I question am I even making sense). Anyhoo, I just really want these and the look gorgeous and so luxurious with the rose gold detailing. Gimme gimme gimme!! (Not a Britney Spears reference).

What is on your current wishlist? Tell me below in the comments! :-)

Have a good day! Ness x  

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