Sunday, 17 August 2014

Liebster Award♥︎

Hey everyone!
So I am doing something a little different..

I'm obviously very new to the whole blogging community, so it made me so happy/ surprised to get nominated to do this by the lovely Jordan (thanks gal!) :-) 

If you are like me and don't have a clue how to do this, here are the rules:  
- You list 11 facts about yourself
- Answer the 11 questions given to you by the person who's nominated you
- Write 11 new questions
- Nominate 11 bloggers with under 200 followers to answer the questions.  
remember to let the bloggers know that you've nominated them!

So lets get staaaarted then ;)

11 Facts
1) I have literally no favourites because I can never decide on just one
2) I'm a complete and utter self-confessed bookworm
3) I fancy way too many celebrities, probably the randomest one is Paul Rudd
4) I currently work part-time in a supermarket (how glamorous) 
5) My hair has always been long and I refuse to ever get it short
6) I'm a complete sucker for a romantic movie eg, the notebook or dirty dancing
7) I am pretty obsessed with makeup and anything beauty related (obvious enough) 
8) I can play piano
9) I'm currently waiting on school exam results and I am incredibly nervous
10) I have a bad/ nervous habit of scratching my head (so gross I know)
11)  I'm intolerant to gluten, dairy and eggs

I feel like my facts are all incredibly random and weird, oh well. (the urge to not put 'lol' or 'haha' after this is too strong to not acknowledge, it sounds so boring .. 'lol') 
Onto my questions.. 

1. Favourite beauty product to use at the moment?
Rimmel Wonderlash mascara or Diorshow art pen liner (as I said before- I can never decide on just the one) 

2. Summer or Winter?
This is literally so hard for me because I love summer and summer makeup, and no school and the lot but Winter is so nice and cosy and I love winter fashion.. I'm going to say winter before I change my mind

3. Have you any siblings?
Indeed I do, I have a sister and two brothers (also a brother-in-law, does that count?)

4. Favourite skincare products?
I love 'Grease Lightening' by lush and also think the origins 'out of trouble' and the ren 'invisible pores' face masks are both fab.

5. Have you done anything exciting in the past week?
Such a thoughtful question! Yes, I actually got my hair done last Wednesday.. Nothing else too exciting, I was at a football match last night..?

6. When is your birthday?
April 3rd

7. Favourite types of blogs to read?
The normal beauty blogs, I also love diy beauty and I also enjoy reading book - related blogs (such a nerd I apologise)

8. Bought any products that you didn't enjoy? 
The only thing that immediately sprung to mind when I read this question was the mask of magnaminty by lush. I'm curious to know if anyone else who tried it had the same reaction that I did, but after using it my skin was feeling soft and refreshed however the next day I woke up with my skin covered in teeny spots, they almost looked like goosebumps but alas they stayed with me for a week.. All. Over. My. Face. So no I can't say I enjoyed it, all that much.

9. What colour eyeshadows do you like to wear?
I'm not very adventurous with my makeup so I normally like neutrals (think all three naked 3 palettes) or else a good ole' smokey eye.

10. What country do you live in?
Northern Ireland

11. Favourite nail polish brand? 
Not a big nail person but I usually buy Barry M, also my sister bought me a ciaté nail polish advent calender around Christmas time and I am still really enjoying the nail polish from that. 

Okay so it's time for me to nominate people and I have literally no idea who to nominate because as I said I am so new on here and haven't really been talking to anyone but oh well I better nominate some people at least! 

So I nominate : Alexandra, Emma, Char, Abigail, Amy and Elsa 
(sorry, this is so random!)

My questions are:
1) Who is your style icon/crush?
2) One piece of makeup you can not and will not live without?
3) Any pets?
4) Favourite beauty trick/hack?
5) Biggest fear?
6) What is on your current wish-list?
7) Do you have a lucky number?
8) Why did you start your blog?
9) Favourite type of music?
10) Too warm or too cold?
11) Favourite type of beauty products (could be makeup-eye, hair, skincare etc)

Thanks so much for reading, now you know a little more about me - even if you wanted to or not.

Ness x

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